How to Use a Gun Safe

Gun safes are places where people can store their firearms when they aren’t in use, in order to keep them from children, strangers, or the thieves themselves. Choosing a proper gun safe is half the battle, and the other half comes from knowing how to use it.

fireproof gun safe

The best tip that can be given is to remember the combination and practice opening the safe in various conditions. It won’t do any good for the owner to have a blank moment when they really need the gun or something else that might be inside, so either picking an easy code or storing the code somewhere that it can easily be checked is key.

Ensure it’s protected from the elements

Water and cold temperatures can get into a safe and quickly form rust and mold on the guns or anything else that might be inside. If the safe is in a basement (which can collect moisture), in a humid area of the house, or if the climate where you live tends to be humid, then a dehumidifier can also work.

In addition, the safe itself can even be corroded, making it weaker and easier to break into. Keeping it dry and at a good temperature is key, especially if it’s a fireproof gun safe.

Anchor it down

Safes can be dangerous if they fall off of a shelf or tip over, especially onto people. Securing your safe with anchors and other materials can not only keep it secure, but it can also prevent burglars from cutting into the weaker bottom of the safe.

Check the guns regularly

Ensure that the guns can fire, nothing is rusted over or jammed, and they are in prime working order. That way if they ever need to be used, the worry that one won’t work will be eliminated.