Brightening Up Your Fire Place Decoratively

Perhaps, in your neck of the woods, winter is on its way. Or perhaps it has, thankfully, passed you by. If it is the latter case then all the more better for you, it could be supposed. Because now you have three entire seasons to put together a good plan to create a decorative fire screen setting. What happens first is this. You will be getting in touch with your commissioning artist. It is much easier to do nowadays, seeing as though she is also within reach online. Long before the time, the two of you could have an inspirational chat about the project.  

decorative fire screen

If words are not your thing, that is to say, you are not able to pen your own inspirational thoughts or concept ideas, you can always link up with the artist you are about to commission via video. You get to see here in the flesh and perhaps even, she is able to take you on a brief tour of her studio. But if the two of you are that lucky to be close enough, perhaps you will be able to invite her to your house for a cup of tea.

You can show her your fireplace. She can have a few moments to herself and then after having her eureka moment, she can then tell you what she proposes to do to your fireplace. She is not reconfiguring your fireplace entirely. That will still be the work for the related artisan. What she will be doing is essentially brightening up the area that surrounds your fireplace. Warm fire or not, and in any case, you can never really sit close enough to it, the design intention will be to warm the entire area just through the application of colors, textures and patterns.